Contexts – the 2nd Sokolovsko Festival of Ephemeral ArtAugust 18-222012 is the second edition of an event promoting this area of artistic activities.
Apart from presenting performance art, it features screenings (also with live music), exhibitions, workshops, documentation and talks. We invited a group of over fifty artists, critics, curators and art historians representing seven countries.
The programme offers an remarkable perspective at performance art in the context of  the pioneer work of Zbigniew Warpechowski. 
Two historical points of references are avant-garde artists Franciszka and Stefan Themersons and Andrzej Partum (exhibitions, films, documentation and talks by Malgorzata Dawidek).
Presentations of classics- nestors  Jerzy Bereś, Roland Miller, Shirley Cameron, Alastair MacLennan, artists of middle generation, incl. Nigel Rolfe, Janusz Bałdyga, Ines Amado, Ewa Zarzycka, Jiri Suruvka, Nenad Bogdanovic, John Newling, Anna Płotnicka, Adina Bar-On and the young generation artists (off festival) will form a contemporary, critical picture of performance art.
CONTEXTS is not a canonical festival of performance art. We focus on widening the perception of ephemeral art by presenting its roots. Building an installation (Warpechowski’s The Boat of Progress), performative objects (Anna Płotnicka), creating situations related to the cultural roots (Niedziółka’s „The Archeology of Meeting” involving the inhabitants of Sokolovsko and festival participants in building and firing an object-kiln) mark this direction.
The festival is accompanied by „Perforations” International Artistic Encounters, a workshop for the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw and Poznan, its instructors including Marcin Berdyszak, Colm Clarke, Sybille Omlin and others.

Curators: Małgorzata Sady, Ewa Zarzycka

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