Circle, pigment and acrylic on canvas, 160 x 630 cm, Wozownia Art Gallery, Torun, Poland, Feb. 2013.

The polyptych is built based on contrary experiences mathematical calculation, linguistic rules and natural gesture. There are two types of circles – some of them are obtained by the methods of descriptive geometry, other drawn by hand. Circles are filled with texts refers to the confrontation the body free control, an intuition and physicality with a language ordered according to the rules.

Photo: Kazimierz Napiorkowski, Krzysztof Wiktor.

Let Me Say, pigment and acrylic on canvas, 630 x 160 cm, Arsenal Gallery, Poznan/PL, March 2013.

The work composed of eight panels painted of my own technique. The image is base on the wall instead of hanging, and paint the red line in a distance of about 20 cm in front of it. The image is raw and stripped anecdotal layers. This work presents my voice in the discussion on the tacit women’s position. It’s admonition about the linguistic activity of women, about what can, should, and is spoken, and what is no spoken although it is possible to say remains unsaid.

Photo: MDG.




Errata, acrylic and pencil on panels, 445 x 160 cm, Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, April 2011.

The large-format image composed of 525 items. The composition contents a text-visual statement where I verify my own attitude to the language. I explain here that language as an instrument of communication only partly express emotional and corporal experiences. Most of nuances of the feeling stay linguistically inexpressible.

Photo: Michal Strokowski, Jacek Bieniecki.


Correspondences, acrylic and own techniques on canvas, 60 x 65 cm, Siemien-Poznan, 2009-2010.

Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on panels, from the series tek[s]ts.